Transmission from the JCP General Meeting – March 12

We are in the process of changing our regular meeting night from Wednesday’s to Tuesday’s, but in the process there was a communication mishap with Smash which left us locked out. We ended up having to relocate the meeting to the Axis basement. We left a rather wilted sign on the door of Smash, so hopefully anyone who showed up late could find us. Luckily, we had the basement at Axis to ourselves, it was relatively quiet and the waitress was very helpful and attentive in checking on our beer requirements. We appreciate the extra effort she made to come all the way down there.

Over beverages we continued the discussion from last week on the constitution, an important document that we don’t want to rush. There still seems to be a lot of questions unresolved. It was decided that we needed to go back to an earlier document which we had never finished, our basis of unity or manifesto, in order to help us clarify the decisions about the constitution that we need to make.

This week a few of us JCP members also went to a JRA meeting to give a talk about the Junction Commons Project: the history, whose involved, what has been envisioned so far, and where we are at in the process of obtaining 209 Mavety as a space. As we were presenting our case I could just see the project blossoming in my mind as a very distinctive site that redefines the Junction within Toronto as an exciting and engaged neighbourhood. We fielded a bunch of questions, but overall the response seemed very positive. One JRA member identified herself as a Mavety resident and she said she thought a community hub was a good idea but that she would like to see some greening of that side of the street, and we agree.

This is at least the fifth Mavety resident to either speak to us or sign a petition is support of the project. We have been very concerned to connect with Mavety residents from the start and have dropped letters off inviting them to meetings twice and plan to continue with regular hand delivered updates. The last letter we dropped let them know that this weeks meeting (Wednesday March 20th) will be dedicated to a discussion with Mavety residents. We hope we meet some new people from the street.

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