Transmission from the JCP

While the JCP continues to wait for news on our application for a Trillium Foundation grant that will fund our feasibility study, we are active in seeking out other grant opportunities, as well as kickstarting a grassroots funding drive in the neighbourhood. To this end you will see members of the JCP at various events, including the Ryerson Design Students opening (see earlier post for details) and the Farmers Market. You’ll be able to find information about the Junction Commons Project, speak to members involved with the group and even make a small donation. Right now we just need a bit of funding for printing, website costs and various administrative fees. But this is also good groundwork for us to lay for a future, multi-level funding strategy which is the necessary way to go in a climate of reduced government social spending.

While a decision has yet to be made about the future of 209 Mavety Street, we continue to set up meetings with various community groups and are always open to requests for information or attendance at local meetings. We have been in touch with the city’s community revitalization office about our project and have been keeping Councillor, Sarah Doucette apprised of our progress. We also continue to gather the information necessary to make our case to the city to keep 209 Mavety Street in community hands. This is important work that’s essential to our future success in establishing a much-needed community hub in the Junction.

JCP members have also been attending various community meetings at the request of local organizations that want to know more about the project. We shared the guest spot at a recent Junction BIA meeting with some folks from TAS Development who are responsible for the new condo development at Dundas West and Indian Grove. This company takes a specific interest in the Junction so we should take a specific interest in them as well and what they plan to do. We were also warmly received by the West Bend Residents Association and they agreed that we could contact them again when we start the feasibility study to see in what way they could participate. Next week we will be meeting with the Vice Principle at Lucy McCormick School to bring them up to speed on the project and see how what we envision can be inclusive of their community. We have many more organizations to approach and we hope to speak with as many as possible in the coming months. In the process the JCP is learning a lot about the Junction, and that, in essence, is what it’s all about.


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