community consultation events coming soon!

As many of you know, the good news is that the JCP has received the Trillium Foundation grant to go forward with the feasibility study. This study will provide us with the knowledge we need to go forward to the city with a proposal for Mavety street. This will include an assessment of the building and what it needs, the study of possible financial models, an architectural proposal for what the building could become and most important a needs assessment based in a series of community consultations.

The community assessment comes first and informs the other areas of the feasibility study, thus November will be community consultation month!

On Thursday the community consultation committee of the JCP met to further develop the charrette method, a creative brainstorming session, which we will be doing in various locations around the Junction. The purpose of the charrette is not just to find out what needs and desires might exist in the Junction area, but also to get inspired about the fantastic possibilities of community mobilization and engagement. Look out for posters for times and locations and come out and participate, lend your voice and creative thinking to developing a vision of what a community hub in the Junction could be!

All Junction neighbourhood members are invited to JCP General Meetings – stay connected for meeting announcements through signing up to the blog or through social media (see below).

2 thoughts on “community consultation events coming soon!

  1. Glad to see that something like this finally exists! I am a born and raised Junctionite who went to Annette Ps and Humberside and have played music in the neighbourhood for almost 10 years. As I’ve seen the Junction develop, my primary fear for the Junction moving forward is the slow dismantling of the culture, community and entrepeneurship by the new corporate locations: Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Dollarama – how will the JCP address this? It is already threatening the livelihood of those business owners in direct competition with them and has lead to the shut down of many businesses I frequented as a kid growing up, It’s sad to see, and I don’t think the people living in the new condo developments will enjoy being surrounded by the banality of the corporate experience which is starting to take shape in the Junction and which has threatened and consumed ‘ up and coming ‘ Toronto neighbourhoods in the past. How can we prevent this?

    1. I suppose this is the kind of discussion/action that could come out of having a community hub in the area. If your able to come to our meetings and join in the creation of this space, please do.

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