Free Store?????

The idea of having a free store came up quite a few times during the JCP public consultation. It’s an idea that is close to  my heart having grown up in the bohemian margins where there was a free store in the ‘hippy house’ at the end of our block (in 60’s-70’s era Vancouver). I still remember the long, navy blue, tailored wool coat I got there – it was a score. Yesterday I just happened to pop into the Art Gallery of York U where they are having a show called incidental activism. The exhibit is a workspace, with artists working on social projects. There were some documents posted around from the Anarchist University (now in archive form) that looked amazing so I asked one of the women who was in the exhibit. Turns out she is in this new project: The Really Really Free Market (brilliant name).

Check out them out by the link below – it happens the first Saturday of every month in Campell Park – one hood over: Campbell Park is on Campbell Avenue, North of Wallace and South of Antler Street..

Really Really Free Market Toronto.


(Image from RRFM website)



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