Jane’s Walk is Recruiting Neighbourhood Choreographers!

Neighbourhood Choreographers are local community members who choreograph at least 2 or more Jane’s Walks  in their neighbourhood. Working with friends, family, neighbours and community groups, they find local people to offer unique and diverse Jane’s Walks that give a voice to their community.

How do you become a Neighbourhood Choreographer?

Anyone with a passion for their neighbourhood can apply to the Jane’s Walk new Neighbourhood Choreographer training program by February 14th. There will be 4 short training sessions offered every other week starting in March. All training sessions will be run in 3 different regions of Toronto: Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough.

Please see Jane’s Walk Website for more information and to apply.

How can Community groups stay involved in Jane’s Walks?

Lead a Jane’s Walk on your own – no training required, just your passion for community walking conversations.

Find potential Neighbourhood Choreographers and encourage them to apply to our training program. Send our promotion to your networks and contacts as soon as possible.
Help promote local Jane’s Walks in your community. Make sure to sign up for Toronto updates and organizing reminders on the Jane’s Walk website.

Please contact Nico Koenig, Neighbourhood Choreographer Coordinator at Jane’s Walk if you have any more questions about this program and how you can be involved. You can reach Nico at nico.koenig@janeswalk.net


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