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Back to School Update

Relationship building

Junction Commons Project (JCP) members have in the past year met with organizations aligned with JCP’s pillars – health, food, arts and community – who are interested in being a major tenant in the building. As a result, JCP is delighted to have found an enthusiastic potential partner in The Four Villages Community Health Centre. Funding is not yet secure, but we are all hopeful this relationship takes us further along a wonderful path for the Junction.

Four Villages

GREAT news for community hubs in Ontario

Earlier this month the Province released a report on community hubs in Ontario. You can find it at The report is an action plan outlining recommendations for the creation of hubs, opportunities to foster healthy and socially supportive communities in Ontario.

JCP and Four Villages, together with several community partners, have penned a letter of support to the Province thanking Premier Kathleen Wynne and community hubs special advisor Karen Pitre for providing this framework and for recognizing that community hubs have a place in enriching the lives of Ontarians. We believe a larger expression of support will show the province we have the drive and will in the Junction to make a community hub a reality.

We continue to strongly believe that together we will make a community hub in the Junction happen, and many lives will be better for it.

Stay tuned, stay with us.

See you in the hood.

Warm regards,

linda o. nagy

President, Junction Commons Project