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Next public meeting: Thurs March 6, 2014 SMASH 7:30-9:30

Was your news years resolution to do something for your local community? Or maybe you’ve been curious about how the Junction Commons Project really works from the inside? Or perhaps you’ve got mad skills in grant writing, marketing, community engagement, or you want to learn from people that do?

Well this Thursday, 7:30-9:30 at SMASH 2880 Dundas West, is the time to come out to a public JCP meeting and share your best self with us. We’ve got a fresh feasibility study and we need help getting ready to share it with the neighbourhood at a Townhall in late March/ early April.  We need your vision, experience, and open mind.

If you can’t come to this meeting do let us know if you are interested in helping us build the vision for 209 Mavety this year.  Email with a note or any questions you have about what’s involved. * Also forward this email to anyone you know who lives in the area and might be interested in getting involved.

*Right now the core team meets 12 hr/ month (3 hr x 4 meetings), and working groups meet less but communicate a lot via email. 


General Meeting announcement

You have not heard from The Junction Commons Project for a while but this does not mean that we were not busy this summer.

The JCP will be conducting a feasibility study to explore: the current status and viability of repurposing 309 Mavety, the possible financial and operational models of the proposed community hub, and how the project will be governed and managed.

The Junction Commons Project Task Force is eager to engage the Junction Community as a whole in a conversation about the possibilities for the future use of this surplus and publicly owned space (old Division 11 police station).

This study will include a broad community consultation to understand the needs and interests of the Junction Community.

Your next JUNCTION COMMONS PROJECT Community Meeting will be this Thursday October 3rd   7:00 pm to 9:00pm at SMASH (2880 Dundas St. West)

We apologize for the short notice, and if you don’t make it this will be the first of what we hope to be ongoing meetings for the duration of the study. General meetings are open to the public and we encourage neighbourhood members to attend at anytime.

We look forward to seeing you there,

JCP Task Force

Our next General Meeting will be on Tuesday, March 12 – 2013, 7:30 pm at Smash, 2880 Dundas West.